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Saanen Goats For Sale

The Saanen breed also originally originated from Switzerland and is widely known as the most popular dairy goat breed of all.
Our Saanens are often thought of as the Holstein of the goat world. After all, they are on average the largest of the dairy breeds, they produce on average the most milk and it is not uncommon to see an entire herd of white goats as farmers enjoy this breed for its demeanor and production often. We have loved having the Saanen breed in our herd and were also fortunate enough to find very good stock from several farms in the country.

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Saanen Goat for sale

Saanen Goats for Sale!

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Saanen goats are a popular breed of dairy goat originating in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. The coat of the Saanen is fine and light-coloured, white being generally preferred. Similar to the Toggenburg, with a medium-to-large frame, straight or dished face, and erect ears. The adult Saanen weighs roughly 65kg. The milk of the Saanen goat is like that of other goats and is more easily digestible than cow’s milk. The breed is highly valued in Europe and the United States as a persistent milk producer.

Our Does!

Saanen goats in South Africa bring their own unique characteristics of high milk production with a lower butterfat percentage. The butterfat percentage is usually in the 3.5% range. The average milk production of a Saanen goat doe is 2545 pounds of milk per year.
Saanens goats in Kimdustrai Kimberly, SA are all white. Some spots are permissible but not desirable in the show ring. Colored Saanens are now referred to as Sables and are now a recognized breed. The hair of the Saanen goat is short and white and the skin color should be tan or white. Saanen goats can have erect ears and straight or dished faces.
This breed is a good choice for children and beginners in the goat world. South African Saanens possess a calm temperament. You often hear the terms hardy, calm and sweet used to describe this goat. At over 30 inches tall and with considerable weight, the Saanen could be considered the gentle giant of the goat world..

Lifestyle And Reproduction of Saanen Goats!

Saanen goats live about 10 years, with sexual maturity reached at 3 to 12 months of age. Breeding season is in the fall, and the cycle of a doe lasts 17 to 23 days. Estrus lasts 12 to 48 hours. Gestation lasts 148 to 156 days and results in twins or even triplets. Bucks smell to tell if a doe is in estrus by the behavior known as β€œflehmen.” In this behavior, they extend their necks and heads into the air and curl up their upper lips.

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Characteristics of Saanen Goats

Mainly Saanen goats are white-colored. But sometimes biscuit-colored goats can be seen.
There may be some black spots in the nose, ears, and udder of this goat.
The ears are straight to upwards.
Generally, they have no horns.
Small-sized legs.
Udder becomes very big-sized.
Long-sized neck.
Their whole body is covered with small-sized hair.
The produces milk highly among all the dairy goat breeds.
They can adapt themselves to the weather of any region of the world.
They love to stay under shade and can’t tolerate sunlight highly.
An adult male Saanen goat weighs about 70-90 kg and an adult female goat weighs about 60-70 kg.
On average, a female goat produces about 3.8 liters of milk daily.
Their milk contains about 3.5% fat. And this milk is very suitable for preparing all types of dairy or milk products.

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Saanen Goat for sale
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Saanen Goat Care

It is very easy to raise Saanen goat. They don’t need any special and extra care. You can raise them with your other animal easily. Even a child can raise and take care of them easily. But taking some extra care and management will increase their health and production.
Always feed your goat fresh and good quality food which has proper nutrition value and enriched with all necessary feed ingredients.
Milking process of your goat should done twice a day.
Try to make a fence around your farm area and always keep the goats inside the farm.
Ensure sufficient supply of fresh air and light inside their house.
Clean the house and used equipment of goat regularly.
Always keep the house dry.
Keep the male goats separated from the female.
Take some extra care of the pregnant goats, breeding bucks, and kids.
Provide them sufficient fresh and clean water.
If needed call a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Saanen Goat for sale

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