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What Our Clients Say About Us!

Jeffrey Turner

All I can say is Emacanco Livestock Farm is absolutely AMAZING! And all of the Sheeps and Goats are well taken care of and all loved! The whole process was easy and we were treated like family! Our Emacanco Livestock Farm is doing great and she is all ways soaking up any attention she can and she is such a sweet girl along with a very sweet and loving attitude! If anyone is looking for a beautiful Emacanco Livestocks to add to your pack, I recommend Emacanco 100%!

Kaci Maus

"Emacanco Livestocks Farming" is well-known in the local community. According to the testimonials, they have made hundreds of people happy. In addition, the company offers tips and guidelines to new Emacanco Livestock Farm owners, which makes training easier. "Emacanco Livestocks Farming" announced that they have several additions to their offer, but they choose not to reveal them at this moment.

John Larson

The spokesperson of the farm said: "We love sheeps and goats and we love what we do. Of course, this also means that we pay a lot of care and special attention to our Sheeps and Goats we sell. For us, this isn't a business this is a passion. We understand that people want the best and we are trying to give them just that. All sheeps and goats we offer are 100% healthy and they must pass strict exams in order to be available for sale. We know that selling isn't the right word, and we don't treat this as a sale

Shawn Eurich

"Emacanco Livestocks Farming" is rated as the safest Place to get a Livestock. They have been selling and breeding healthy Livestocks for ages now. The farm is well-known in the whole South Africa for offering the best sheeps and goats to the clients.

Joan Jenkins

Getting a perfect Emacanco Livestock Farm isnt very easy as it sounds. After all, there are a lot of "sellers that doesn't offer what they claim. On the other side, there are some places that offer exactly what they claim. The Emacanco Livestocks are very nice animals. Intelligent and loyal. However, this applies only to Sheeps and Goats that are bred to be the best.

Matthew Dale

What a pleasant experience this was. We were so afraid about spending this kind of money and maybe not getting a good sheep. Well no worries no more. We could not be happier.

Amy Silver

They are very knowledgeable about the breed, and about animal health in general. Their love for their own goats, and the love for all the animals was so nice to see after having looked at more mass produced lines. Thank you. We want another order soon!!!

Demain Boucher

I absolutely love how my transaction went. I was in constant contact with my handler. I received pictures & video. I am so happy with their service and my goats!