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Kalahari Goats For Sale

Kalahari Red Goats have become an exciting topic recently. However, most people rarely have a clear idea about these African Goat Breeds. Mainly originated from South Africa, these indigenous goats’ meats are high-quality, hardy animals. Although other quality breeds of goat meat are available in SA, this specified red brown goat has better growth performance and mothering abilities than other breeds from South Africa

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Kalahari Goat for sale

Kalahari Goats for Sale!


To meet the ever-increasing demand for meat, breeders start collecting red goats from their indigenous goats in Namibia and South Africa. Through this method of natural selection, only best adapted goats got chances to survive and poorly adapted goats were eliminated.
The main motive behind it was to get a very hardy and adaptable meat goat that even could survive the condition of the South African landscape. At the same time, while maintaining the high survival and birth rate and profitable meat body. At Livestock Capital South Africa, we emphasise the adaptability and mothering traits of our Kalahari Goats, so customers can benefit from them.
Kalahari Red goats are considered an ideal choice for crossbreeding programs to improve the colour and traits of indigenous goats. Therefore if you want Kalahari Goats for sale in South Africa, then connect with us. We are the leading commercial association for poultry and livestock farm in southern Africa. For international orders, we have a pre-export isolation facility on our property so that the global export order can proceed in a less complicated way.