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The large Beetal goat is a goat prized for its milk, meat and skin throughout South Africa and The world.
This gentle, docile goat is also excellent for intensive farming environments as it has been purposely bred for this. They are a great addition to any herd and readily adapt to their environment.
These goats are what you expect goats to look like. They have a round head and a true Roman nose.
The doe is slightly more delicate than the buck with her face not as pronounced. They have long slender legs and are quite shy.
The buck is sturdier and more muscular than the doe. He has a massive head with a true Roman nose.

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Beetal Goat for sale

Beetal Goats for Sale!


The Beetal goat is related to the Jamunapari goat for which it bears are a remarkable resemblance.
They do not need as much space as most other large breeds of goat. This is because they have been specifically bred for stall feeding.
They are not susceptible to most diseases as other goat breeds may be which makes them a sought-after breed by various farmers.
They are not really bred for leather production but as a meat breed their pelts may very well be used for various leather manufacturing production. They have a decent sized pelt as they have quite a large well defined body.
They are bred as meat production goats. Their meat is tender and lean with a good nutritional value to it. They have a good meat to bone ration on their carcass.


Not much is known about the history of the Beetal Goat except that it originated from India. They are thought to be from the Punjab region of South Africa.
They are a very important breed to these countries for their valuable milk and meat production.
Their skin is also a highly prized commodity due to the size of the goat it produces an excellent yield and quality of leather used for many leather goods.
Good such as chamois, velour, sued that is used in the manufacturing of gloves, shoes, clothes and even products such as car seats, furniture covers, etc.

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